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Wuhan Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, inception always uphold the "innovation + speed" concept, and actively promote the company's first "one-stop service to create a complete home with" home new ideas. After several years o.. 【More】


  • Investment Co., Ltd., Shenyang...

    Company was December 11, 2008 Disclosure of the "acquisition report" and Liaoning Province Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. shares tend..

  • Joint Yong Kang Wuyi Zhejiang ...

    Jinyun to focus on leveraging the development of the county close to the country's largest metal machinery manufacturing and s..

  • Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd...

    1991 Shenyang Machinery Industry Bureau Deputy Director of Finance 1994 Shenyang Machinery Industry Authority Director of Finance ..